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Privacy is one of our priorities at shiekhsahab. This privacy policy document covers the type of information we collect and how we use it.

Shiekhsahab Privacy Policy

We are happy to answer any questions about our privacy policy. Contact us here.

This Privacy Policy only applies to our online activities and is permitted by visitors to our website regarding their shared information. The information shared offline does not apply to the policy. We created this Privacy Policy for security reasons by following an accessible privacy policy.

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You should read our privacy policy and terms of use to protect your privacy.

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You provide personal information for security purposes on this website, and it will be disclosed when you request to see that personal information.

When you share your contact information with us, we get additional information, such as your name and email address.

What Information Do You Need To Share?

Pieces of information are collected in a variety of ways. One way is…

How not to violate the privacy of users on their website

Please read our privacy policy for details

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We will contact you through one of our partners to keep you informed and updated and ensure your satisfaction with our services.

We use personal information to prevent fraud.

Why We Collect Log Files

Web hosting companies use log files to analyze the success or failure of a website. This makes the shiekhsahab’s job easier.

Log files can gather various data, such as IP addresses, browser type, date, and time stamps. This information can analyze trends, manage the site, and track users’ movements on the website.

Explanation Of Google Doubleclick DART Cookie

We use a third-party vendor called ‘google.’ DART cookies are used to serve relevant ads to site visitors based on their visit to the website. Visit google’s privacy policy and content network for more information about how Google collects and uses your data.

You agree to our cookie and web beacon policy if you continue to use the site.

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How Advertising Partners Protect Your Privacy

View the different privacy policies of each advertising partner

Third-party companies can use cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons to collect information and the browser location. This data is automatically shared with other third-party companies.

Technology is used to measure the success of advertising campaigns and see personalized advertising content.

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Third-Party Privacy Policies Explained

The Privacy Policy of shiekhsahab doesn’t affect other advertisers or websites. Third-party companies have separate implementations that provide more detailed information, including opt-out options.

Cookies are pieces of information that your browser stores to make it easier for you to revisit a website. Cookies can also include information submitted during browsing sessions to make the visit smoother, such as language selection and login information. Disable cookies removes these snippets from the browser and doesn’t allow them to be saved again without explicit permission.

What a new privacy law means for you

Know The CCPA And Your Rights

How to create a transparent privacy policy to appease the GDPR

You need to understand that you might have specific data protection regulations, which include:

Right to correct: your request is acceptable about updating the information you think is incorrect.

If you believe that we have left out any details, you can request that we complete the sentence.

Subject to deletion: customers retain the right to delete their information. In some cases,

how we handle privacy policies.

If a user wants to restrict their data, they can make such a request via the email specified in the contact form.

You have the right to refuse our processing at certain times.

Right to data handling: You have the right to request data we collect be transferred elsewhere or to you.

We will let you know with in one month if you have been accepted if you apply. If you want to exercise any of these rights, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Protect Your Children With A Privacy Policy

Child protection is your priority when using the Internet; we encourage you to watch and participate in your child’s activities.

Though shiekhsahab does not collect information about children, we suggest you contact us if you think our website provides personal information about your child. We will always be available to provide a safe and secure environment for our customers. So, we will remove any content from our news records unsuitable for children.