Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

Most Incredible Underwater Discoveries

Here are some most incredible Underwater discoveries which you have never seen before. Lets see

10. Dugong

They are called sea cow and are on the verge of extinction.

They are hunted because of the meat & oil which is too expensive.

9. Train Graveyard

No one knows how these two engines came down there

Both the engines are 15 tonnes in weight and there are no records of them in books.

8. Silfra Fissure

This fissure is one of a kind in this world as it divides 2 continents.

On one side, it is Europe and on the other side, it is North America

7. Apollo 11 Engine

Everyone thought that the engine of the rocket of moon landing can never be found.

But in 2012 the excavation team of Amazon did this job and made Jeff Bezos proud

6. Purple Blob

Scientists did this discovery in 2016.

Some say that this is a living organism while some say that it is a type of egg.

5. Finger of Death

This is called the finger of death as everything which comes in contact dies.

This happens due to difference in temperature in the upper and underwater

4. Oldest Shipwreck

Many researchers say that they have found world’s oldest shipwreck.

It is supposed to be 700-1000 years old and is made of wood

3. Baltics Sea Anomaly

With the earlier images it was believed that it is Alien ship.

But later research revealed that it is made of limestone and other things.

2. SS Gairsoppa

SS Gairsoppa is on the most talked ship as it was filled with silver

Till now 48 tonnes of Silver has been extracted from the ship

Antikythera Machanism

It is believed that this is the first computer which was used to predict as astronomical events.

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