Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

7 Amazing Places You will never get to visit in your life

It would seem that with the development of technological progress there is no place in the world which common men haven’t visited. It is true to some extent, but at the same time there are places on Earth where no tourists are allowed. Why it is so?

Let’s know:

Metro 2
Underground 2 is the secret tunnels under Moscow, namely Metro for the government in case of an emergency. The project has dozens of kilometers of tunnels created during the reign of Stalin. This place is top secret, which for obvious reasons is closed for tourists.

Vatican archives
Vatican is a place which millions of tourists visit, but to the Vatican archives only several will be able to get in, and only with the personal permission , But it is also worth to say that in the archives there is a department that is closed to outsiders. It provides important diplomatic information gathered for 75 years.

Mountain Yamantau
One of the most interesting and mysterious objects in the Russian Federation. Legend says that in the mountain there is construction of the city which will be used in case of a nuclear war. This is a special place for evacuation.

Zone 51
The legendary place where U.S. is testing the latest weapons and military technology. There is a sign for those who want to sneak to the facility, which says that the security has the right to open fire without warning.

Bureau 39
This facility is situated in North Korea and is located in a building of the ruling party. There are rumors that Bureau 39 is engaged in money laundering in European banks smuggling of weapons and drugs.

Military base Mentvit Hill
According to the project, this base was created to be the center of the observation after USSR. But the Cold War is over, and now the military base is used to fight terrorism. Experts also believe that this base is also used for monitoring phone conversations worldwide.

Temple of Ise
This temple is one of the most important shrines in Japan. Only the priests and members of the imperial family can enter this temple. The temple was built in honor of the sun goddess Amaterasu. It is worth noting that every 62 years the temple is destroyed and rebuilt again. It should be noted that in 2013, the temple are to be destroyed.

Do you also wanna visit them for once in your life?

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